Patent Attorney Senior



Brief Job Description
We are looking to hire a Patent Lawyer with incredible communication skills and the ability to explain, clarify and simplify complex technical information. Patent Lawyers are expected to have outstanding research and analytical skills.

To ensure success, Patent Lawyers should have excellent legal, technical and scientific knowledge with a keen interest in protecting the intellectual property of their client. Top candidates will display a deep understanding of an invention and its technical aspects with the ability to articulate this information in a clear and concise manner.

Are involved in all aspects of case assessment (both legal issues and damages analyses), patent licensing and enforcement, drafting legal briefs, participating in litigation, managing and supporting outside litigation counsel, and prosecuting additional patents for future licensing and enforcement.

Main Responsibilities
    Provide legal advice on valuable intellectual property rights such as patents, technical data, trade
      secrets, licenses, copyrights and trademarks.
    Interpret laws, rulings and regulations for the intellectual property of clients.
    Discussing inventions and processes with inventors or manufacturers and ascertaining whether they
      are likely to succeed in being granted patents;
    Studying and analyzing scientific or technical documents, including previously granted patents, to
      assess whether an invention is new and innovative;
    Writing detailed descriptions of inventions in precise legal terms (patent drafts);
    Suggesting modifications or extensions to the definition of the invention;
    Applying for patents from the Intellectual Property Office, often presenting complicated technical
    Preparing responses to reports from patent examiners;
    Ensuring application and renewal deadlines are met;
    Working with solicitors and barristers to defend or enforce China patents;
    Advising overseas agents on applications for foreign patent applications;
    Instructing on whether business activities will infringe someone else's patent rights;
    Dealing with assignments of patent when a patent is sold or transferred;
    Keeping up-to-date with legal developments in the intellectual property field;
    Advising on other intellectual property rights, e.g. designs or trademarks;
    Tutoring and mentoring trainee patent agents.
    Expand networking bringing new clients increasing the billing leveraging from the marketing main
    Provide protection of the client's intellectual property by enforcing statutory, regulatory and
      contractual obligations.
    Provide protection of the client's intellectual property by securing intellectual property rights and
      patent protection.

Marketing activities
    Expand networking to generate new business and bring new clients increasing the billing leveraging
      from the marketing main activities.
    Attend conferences as speaker, presenter.
    Develop marketing strategies to increase the Firm's visibility, including company websites update and
      social media (e.g.: Twitter; LinkedIn; etc…)
    Help writing articles to be published in the media outlets and social networks.

Qualifications and Requirements
    Bachelors degree in Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related (essential).
    Bachelors degree in Law (essential).
    Patent Law Bar Examination (essential).
    Registered Patent Lawyer with a minimum of 3 years experience.
    Experience in drafting and prosecuting patent assets, developing patent strategies and conducting
      associated patent analysis, due diligence, transactions and licensing.
    Experience in Enforcement.
    Highly knowledgeable on technical, scientific and legal aspects of intellectual property.
    Business oriented and willing to generate new business and bring new clients through marketing.
    Outstanding communication skills with the ability to simplify complex information.
    Analytical thinker with strong conceptual and research skills.
    Natural leader who displays sound judgment and attention to detail.
    Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Interested candidates please send detailed resume to
or contact our HR at +86 21 63232619/+86 10 84464995