IP Consultant (Chinese)

Duties and Responsibilities
    Evaluating client's intellectual property rights and provide guidance on intellectual property
      prosecution and enforcement;
    Overseeing all files and programs of the clients they have been assigned ensuring Company
      standards are maintained at all time;
    Coordinating the work between departments for the clients they have been assigned;
    Working alongside the legal department in handling infringement cases;
    Managing Customs enforcement actions for IPR infringement and Customs recordation of rights;
    Assisting the partners and the head of department in preparation of Clients meetings and other
      general day to day tasks;
    Monitoring markets, liaising with enforcement officials (including Customs), training enforcement
      officials; Organizing, taking part in and managing enforcement actions;
    Organizing and supervising notarizations and other evidence collection activities;
    Examining material, such as publications, law revisions, case study etc. for providing proactive
      advice to the company;
    Assisting partners/managers with Power Point presentations/publications seminars to existing
      clients, prospective clients, and other industry related seminars;
    Organizing and performing basic online investigations;
    Assisting with Marketing activities;
    Assisting with client visit to China, meeting clients directly when necessary;
    Expand the business finding new client but to provide your input on how to effectively follow cases;
    Help Develop marketing strategies to increase the Firm's visibility, including company websites
      update and social media (e.g.: Twitter; Linkedin; etc…) and articles writing.

Qualification/ Requirements
    Bachelor degree or above;
    Good oral&written English;
    Knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
    Excellent attention to detail, proactivity and confidentiality.

Interested candidates please send detailed resume to hr@ferrante.asia
or contact our HR at +86 21 63232619/+86 10 84464995