IT Project Consultant (Part time/"Term to Perm" contract)

Brief description
we are looking for an experienced IT professional with proven skills on AI and knowledge of the most recent innovation and technology in the IT field to conduct a market search for a new case management software and who is able to effectively communicate and interface with our Partners, managers, employees and with the vendors in China or abroad in both English and Mandarin.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Understanding of the current internal software (Patricia) and its limits;
    Understanding of our internal processes and improvement needed;
    Search of a new suitable case management software which will allow us to be in line with the most
      recent technology like flexibility, ability to interface and interact with clients (e.g.: on-line
      instructions), modular architecture, in line with the most recent A.I. philosophy, electronic filing and
      recording of legal docs, deadline management, ad-hoc reporting with flexibility;
    Put together an analysis of the result of the current situation and the recommendations for a new
      software for GM, Partners and CEO including the software(s) recommended, reasons, pro's and
      control's, costs; implementation plan with timelines and resources needed;
    Finish other tasks assigned by supervisor.

The perfect candidate's main requisites are
    Foreigner or Chinese nationality are both accepted
    An expert IT person with proven skills and experience in the IT field with knowledge of the latest
      innovations and technologies + A.I.
    Able to effectively communicate and interface with our Partners, managers and employees and with
      the vendors in China both in mandarin (for foreigners basic notions of Mandarin required) and
    Foreigner must hold a working visa valid for China Mainland or meet the qualifications for getting a
      working or internship visa
    Strong Project Management skills

General Qualifications/ Requirements
    Bachelor degree or above. Major in English or Law
    At least 5 years' experience within the IT sector, preferably in International Law firms
    Good written and verbal English and Mandarin communication skills
    Ability to communicate in an effective and professional manner with all office personnel, clients, and
    Ability to make decisions and work well under pressure
    Ability to prioritize goals and to schedule the working day accordingly
    Build and maintain close working relationships with colleagues and clients
    Must be able to work independently but integrate well in a team-oriented environment
    Excellent attention to detail, proactivity and confidentiality
    Knowledge of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Writer, etc
    Technical Management, Technical Understanding, Analyzing Information, Informing Others,
      Staffing, Problem Solving, Data Center Management, Developing Budgets, Coordination, Strategic
      Planning, Quality Management

The contract type will be a "Term to perm" contract with Ferrante: the contract will be linked to the search on the market and implementation of a new case management software;
-   1 year duration at the end of which time we will move to permanent if the following conditions will be both satisfied:
1) individual performance is very good and 2) successful result of the project (research completed; proposal submitted; implementation plan approved; implementation project rolled-out);

7,500 RMB month after taxes


Term to Perm contract gives Advantages to the Employees
    Assess Job Fit
      It can be hard for employers to know if a potential candidate is a good fit for the company. But the
      reverse is true as well: often it can be hard to tell if a job is right for you. Temp-to-perm positions allow
      you to get insight into the responsibilities involved in a position.
    Learn New Skills
      Temp jobs are a great way to learn new skills. From using cash register systems to discovering new
      phone techniques, even a short-lived position can provide a great deal of training.
    Easily Try New Careers
      When you're not sure what you want to do next, a temp job can be an excellent way to explore a
      potential new career path. Since the position is temporary, employers may show a greater willingness
      to take on a candidate without much direct experience.
    Expand Your Resume
      Even if you only work a temp position for a few months, you will probably learn a lot and be able to
      expand the skills section on your resume, as well as adding new jobs. During a holiday season stint at a
      retail store, you'll learn to use the cash register, help customers (even difficult ones), and track

Interested candidates please send detailed resume to
or contact our HR at +86 21 63232619/+86 10 84464995